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We’re Hiring!

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As we look towards the future at Pizzeria DeVille, we find ourselves in need of all types of staffing to help us not only tweak and improve our current facility but potentially grow the concept as well. With that in mind, I am putting an appeal out there to those people who seem to care the most about us and frankly come from the very types of families and homes that all of our most successful staff have come from.
Here’s what we’re looking for: folks who can be managers, bartenders, cooks and kitchen managers, food truck bosses, worker bees, servers and more servers of all stripes!
It’s not a great time to be looking but it’s a really great time to be joining Pizzeria DeVille.
Our most successful candidates are bright, hard-working and conscientious, friendly and 🙂!
They are treated fairly. They consistently make good wages and we have structured our pay to be a little more universally fair the winner takes all. If you can buy into that and want to have fun while you work, then we may be a great place for you to spend some time be it a few shifts or full-time.
Please Message us directly at Pizzeria DeVille or you can email us at
So don’t be shy,
And don’t be afraid!
Come and have some fun
Where the Pizza 🍕 Gets Made!